A Leading Brand for Bathroom Faucets in India

Faucets are an essential component of any bathroom and play a crucial role in the functionality and aesthetics of the space. We, at Astral Bathware, understand that faucets can significantly enhance the aesthetics of the bathroom space. So, we provide a range of luxury faucets, expertly crafted with elegant, appealing designs.

Our outstanding collection of faucets and unmatched quality, make us one of the market leaders for such bathware products. As a reliable provider of sanitaryware in India, we are constantly striving to offer an innovative range of bathroom faucets for your home.

Luxury Faucets by Astral Bathware

High-end faucets are made by Astral Bathware using strong components and cutting-edge innovation to ensure seamless performance. Anyone wishing to give their bathroom a little extra refinement and style should consider investing in some luxury faucets from Astral. We offer different types of faucets made to fit the various areas of use such as the sink, shower, bathroom, kitchen, and more:

  • Basin Faucets: We manufacture a wide range of faucets for different types of basins. It includes a basin mixer, pillar cock, wall-mounted cock, mixer with a single lever, and more.
  • Shower Faucets: Astral offers a collection of luxury bathroom faucets designed especially for the comfort and functionality of a shower setting. The range features faucet types like wall mixer single lever, bath spout, single lever concealed diverter, etc.
  • Kitchen Faucets: We curate well-designed faucets with elegant finishes for the kitchen space too. Our collection of kitchen faucets includes sink mixer single lever, sink cock table mounted, single cock with swinging spout, etc.
  • Allied Products: We provide other essential products that are required for the smooth functioning of the faucets. It includes the bib cock, bib cock with a long body, angle cock, angle cock 2-way, concealed flush and stop cock, and more.
  • Clinical Faucets: We, at Astral Bathware, develop clinical faucets that are made to fit healthcare facilities where hygiene is critical. These are premium faucets designed to promote good hygiene practices and prevent the spread of illness and infection.

Why Choose Astral Bathware Faucets?

  • Premium Quality: We manufacture faucets from reliable materials that are durable, corrosion-resistant, and can withstand frequent use.
  • Stylish Designs: Premium faucets are available with us that feature stylish designs and finishes that complement any bathroom decor. These faucets have sleek, modern lines or intricate detailing that add an element of luxury to the bathroom.
  • Easy to Use: Astral’s faucets include innovative technologies that make them easy to use and maintain. Some of our products include touchless faucets that use sensors to turn the water flow on and off, while pull-down sprayers allow easy cleaning of the sink.
  • Water-Saving Technology: The faucets we provide also include water-saving technologies such as flow restrictors and aerators that reduce water consumption.

Shop for The Best Faucets at Astral Bathware Online

At Astral Bathware, you get to explore premium faucets with great functionality and style. Our products are designed to provide reliable and consistent water flow while adding a touch of luxury to the bathroom. Once you check out our collection of bathroom faucets, sink faucets, or kitchen faucets, you are sure to find the perfect fit for your home.

With Astral Bathware’s faucets, enhance the overall look and functionality of your bathroom and enjoy a high-quality, long-lasting product. You can browse the collection online or at your nearest provider of Astral Bathware products.


Here are important aspects to consider when searching for the right faucet for a sink:

  • The type of sink you have determines the type of faucet you need. For example, a top-mount sink requires a faucet that can be mounted on the countertop.
  • Next, check the number of holes in the sink to determine the number of holes needed for the faucet
  • Consider the spout height and reach to ensure that the water stream will reach the centre of the sink without causing splashing or water damage to the surrounding area
  • Choose a handle type that is easy to use and fits your personal preference

Single-handle faucets control both the water temperature and flow and double-handle faucets have separate handles for hot and cold water. Widespread faucets have separate hot and cold water handles and a spout, but the handles are mounted on the countertop whereas wall-mounted faucets are mounted on the wall above the sink. More types of faucets include touchless faucets with motion sensors, pull-out and pull-down faucets, commercial faucets, and pot filler faucets.

The right choice of bathroom faucet and kitchen faucet will depend on your personal preferences, needs, and budget.

Use a mild commercial cleaning product to clean the bathroom and kitchen faucets. Leave it on the faucet for a few minutes then rinse and dry it with a clean cloth. You can use a cloth or sponge to wipe away any visible dirt or grime on the faucet.

Your bathroom or kitchen faucets might need to be replaced if you’re having any of these problems.

  • Leakage: If the faucet continues to leak despite all of your attempts to fix it, it could be time to replace it.
  • Corrosion and rust: Metal faucets are especially susceptible to rust and corrosion over time.
  • Wear and tear: It could be time to replace your tap if it is old and shows obvious indications of wear and tear, such as cracks, chips, or scratches.
  • Turning on/off challenges: If your tap is challenging to turn on or off, it may be an indication of a larger issue, such as a worn out valve. It might be advisable to replace the tap.
  • Outdated design: It is time to get a new tap if your current one is old-fashioned or doesn’t match your decor.