Top Brand in India for Luxury Sanitaryware Products

Astral carries years of legacy and trust with its established market reputation. This has helped the brand to become one of the leading sanitaryware suppliers in the industry, which provides a variety of bathroom fixtures that are not only attractive to the eye but also durable and well-made.

Every product is a state-of-the-art masterpiece that is practical and contemporary in design. Manufactured with detailed craftsmanship, Astral’s bathroom sanitaryware is a choice for the ones who desire a serene, luxuriant bathroom with products that compliment other interiors and fixtures.

Bathroom Sanitaryware by Astral

Astral provides sanitaryware that is thoughtfully designed to provide luxury, functionality and comfort in a bathroom setting. It contains bathroom fittings and fixtures, many of which are constructed of ceramics of the highest quality. We feature a variety of sanitaryware designs that underline opulence, extravagance and practical use within an affordable range.

Types of Bathroom Sanitaryware Products Offered by Astral

  • Toilets: One of the most essential bathroom sanitaryware is the toilet. Astral offers a range of well-built toilets that are comfortable and durable. We provide different types of toilets such as wall-mounted, floor-mounted, orissa pan, one-piece toilet, two-piece wall hung, etc. 
  • Urinals: Our collection of urinals features various sizes, designs, and construct. One can easily find the right type of urinal for their bathroom from Astral sanitaryware products. 
  • Cisterns: We offer concealed and wall-mounted cisterns at Astral Bathware. You can choose one depending on the design of the toilet. 
  • Basins: Basins also known as sinks are an imperative part of complete bathroom space. Astral offers different types like table top basins, one-piece basins integrated with pedestals, wall-hung basins, under-counter basins, and more. 
  • Accessories: We manufacture an array of bathroom accessories that are essential in a bathroom setting.

Features of Astral Bathware Products

  • Durability: Astral Bathware products are made from premium ceramic material. It ensures long-lasting resistance to wear and tear making it the best for regular use. We construct bathroom sanitaryware that is not just durable but also enhances the look and feel of a bathroom setting. 
  • Promotes Hygiene: Our sanitaryware products are made with features that promote hygiene. The smooth, glazed surfaces are easy to maintain and avoid any build-up of bacteria or dirt. Also, some of the products like rimless toilets reduce bacterial growth. 
  • Water efficiency: Astral Bathware manufactures products that help save water. Features like dual flush toilets and low-flow faucets are water efficient. Our range of sanitaryware is designed to conserve water and reduce water bills which is important for a modern bathroom. 
  • Design: Along with functionality a bathroom needs an aesthetic setting that helps your mind and body to rejuvenate and enjoy a serene bathroom experience. Astral Bathware offers opulent designs that help to transform a bathroom into an appealing space that lets you feel the luxury of comfort and peace. Our products are available in various sizes, shapes, patterns, textures, and designs made to fit different bathroom spaces and your preferences. 
  • Easy Installation: The products we design are curated to easily fit in your bathroom with other fixtures. Also, we manufacture sanitaryware that can be installed without any hassle. Compatible fittings, standard sizes, and an easy process of installation make our products a great fit for any bathroom setting. 
  • Comfort: Astral Bathware features an array of products that are made to offer comfort and convenience to the user. The best sanitaryware is designed with user comfort in mind, taking into consideration factors such as ergonomic design, the right height and convenient use of controls.


In homes, buildings, and public areas, sanitaryware products include ceramic items such as toilets, sinks, basins, urinals, bidets, and other fixtures that are used for sanitation. These products are an essential part of contemporary bathroom settings and they are designed to be simple to clean, hygienic, and long-lasting.

Using quality bathroom sanitaryware offers several benefits such as better hygiene, good durability, advanced functionality, attractive aesthetics, and a pleasing bathroom experience.

Clean the sanitaryware regularly with mild detergent and water to prevent the build-up of grime and dirt and avoid abrasive cleaners because they cause damage to the surface of sanitaryware. Ensure to clean the inside of the toilet bowl, check for leaks regularly, and make sure your bathroom has enough ventilation.

Consider your specific needs and requirements for the space, such as the size of the room, the number of users, and your personal preferences when choosing bathroom sanitaryware. Look for water-saving features, aesthetic designs, functional construction, space-saving options if needed, and good sanitaryware made with superior quality material. Also, make sure the products have a warranty given by your sanitaryware suppliers so that you can get them repaired or replaced. Lastly, you can get expert advice on which products would work best for your space and budget.